Some words of reflection from audiences who have joined us so far….

“ For me it was a real thing of beauty. It’s pretty hard to call something perfect - but I think it was.
You managed to capture the feeling of fear and entrapment that I experience with grief as well as the absolute beauty of it too .
I feel everyone will relate to it in different ways - and see their loved ones in the imagery in different ways.
I felt really exposed and it felt stark and every choice you made felt really careful but daring too. The meanings just keep unfolding.”

“ I can't get over how much you managed to convey through such a simple medium. It's like a gut-punch and a really good hug at the same time.
Thank you for sharing that with people. It's hard to open up when you're grieving and you are starting that process for so many people, I think.
There's no life without grief and the more we can do to help each other carry it, the better. “


“ The show really was beautiful and captured for me the frustrating, overwhelming and sometimes inappropriately funny way that grief can take over our lives.'“


“ I think the work is really important and it's such a generous thing to open up this space.”